Our personal development certificate is designed to help you develop as an individual by providing skills and perspectives you can utilize every day.  You can learn how to communicate or facilitate group meetings more effectively, deal with conflict in a constructive way, deliver presentations to a group, manage time and stress more effectively and many other skills.



Learning Outcomes:

  • Students who participate in the iLead program will be able to understand the nature of leadership
  • Students will develop strong communication skills
  • Students will be able to define their personal style and leadership skills
  • Students will be able set goals for leadership development


Stream Requirement

SIX CREDITS (minimum requirement)

Complete the Introduction to Leadership Workshop- VIEW IT ONLINE!

Attend 5 additional workshops of your choice from the iLead workshops calendar


Get involved on campus or off campus– “Declare your Experience”
volunteer with the Department of Student Life, or through SCSU’s Volunteer Network Program


Complete a personal reflection at the end of the program


Students can take as long as they need to complete a leadership development stream.

At the end of the academic year, if all requirements have been met, you will receive an iLead certificate.